How to Create a Productive Workspace for Augmented Influence
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How to Create a Productive Workspace for Augmented Influence

Published At: Sun, 07/04/2021 - 14:44

As the world is gearing up to head back to the offices, there is still one point left to discuss. How to get your productivity back on track after such a significant change?


A productive workspace can increase your level of accomplishments and helps you substantiate your goals faster than you thought. This is true no matter where you are, whether in an office or at home. Work efficiency is all about how carefully you consume your working hours, no more and no less. This general rule of thumb is valid for all levels of the company regardless of rank and hierarchy.


Then, of course, there is the mere fact of knowing how to work efficiently. Many companies try numerous tools to keep everyone on the same page, which does not always produce the desired results. Keep in mind that in each company lies several individuals with different mindsets, personalities, and approaches; thus, pushing a one-size-fits-all method will not necessarily help you here. Many employees have come out to say that the quiet environment helps their productivity, while others complain that too much quiet makes it hard to focus. 

With so many factors in play, how does one boost productivity?


The answer is simple. To pronounce a productive workspace, you must make the area you choose to work align with your ultimate needs. Once the bigger picture is confirmed, it is time to boost up the little things that help you get more done. Minor changes can, in fact, go a long way. If you want to take action and improve your productive workspace wherever you are—whether you are renting or own the office—read on for more tips and tricks.


Tips to Get Your Productive Workspace on the Right Track

Before you can even think about creating the most productive workspace, you must first consider your needs and business goals. Different people have different requirements when it comes to fundamental objects, such as a calendar or to-do list, filing system, and specific writing utensils. Furthermore, you must also take into account the space that you are working with. Whether you have already bought out an office or are simply renting one from companies such as My Perfect Workplace, some changes must be made.


Get Plenty of Natural Light

As you spend hours on end glued to your desk or office, you tend to forget one vital human need—sunlight! Adding natural light rather than harsh fluorescent bulbs will help reduce unwanted stress effects. If you are working indoors, be sure to place your desk near a window or maybe take a break every 2 hours and step out on for some fresh air. Natural light can help boost your health, wellness, and productivity.


Wipe Out The Mess

A messy desk leads to a chaotic routine. While some may argue that they can work through the mess, the case is rarely true. Eventually, the mess you see gets embodied in your brain, creating a chaotic mindset. A cluttered workspace means taking extra time to find the tools you need when you need them—eventually leading to frustration and delay. Take a few minutes every morning to clear out yesterday’s mess and start your workday with a clear desk and a clear mind.


It’s All About the Chair

Let’s face it; you will probably spend more of your time on that chair than anywhere else in the workplace. This is why it is essential to invest in a rather sturdy chair offering enough lumbar support. An ergonomic chair makes a ton of difference for jobs where you will have to be seated all day long as they correct back posture and restrict dangerous sitting positions. The chair solely enables the body to align correctly, retaining your shoulders from slouching or tilting your head forward. After sitting in an ergonomic chair all day, you will notice fewer back pains and an overall comfortable body. With less pain and discomfort, you can spend more time focusing on work.


Pick Out Your Color Scheme

Colors say all! Every person has a specific color that just gets them going and fires them up for the day. If you are renting a space, make sure you pick out an office that provides those colors. Office owners can also paint the space in colors that have proven to increase productivity.


Decide which color to use, depending on your purpose:

  • Blue: The color for productivity despite your industry, painting your workspace blue encourages calm feelings, clear thinking, peace, and focus.
  • Red: A red room can boost your heart rate. It is ideal for high-energy, physically active jobs.
  • Green: Excellent for extremely stressful jobs as green holds soothing energy and elevates calmness.
  • Yellow: Creates confident emotional acknowledgments. It is ideal for helping creative domains create new ideas. Try painting your break area or meeting space yellow.


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