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Looking to rent the best office space in West Hollywood, California? You have the right idea!  Rich in history, West Hollywood is bordered by Beverly Hills, Beverly Grove, Hollywood Hills, and Hollywood submarkets. WeHo sits in a paramount area in Southern California, making office space in West Hollywood highly sought after. With a city population of roughly 36,600 people within its 1.89 square miles, WeHo is among the highest densities in Central LA and the country. The largest percentage of these residents being between the ages of 19-34 drive West Hollywood to be a young and ambitious community. The city’s official motto is “The Creative City,” rightfully so!


West Hollywood has always been known for its reputable progressiveness in pushing the boundaries of social norms. From its early inception in the late 1890’s as a rowdy wild west railroad town, laborers and working-class employees maintaining the Los Angeles Pacific Railroad settled in the area and called it “Sherman.” During this time through the roaring 20’s, the area became a prohibition haven with bars and gambling houses. In 1925, the name West Hollywood was adopted but remained a less restrictive and loosely regulated playground for the Hollywood and Beverly Hills elite. WeHo became the place for eccentric people who were not tolerated in other nearby incorporated cities. In 1999, a $34 million public revitalization project removed 15,000 feet of railroad tracks, widened sidewalks and planted over 1,200 trees - marking the beginning of a sustainable foundation for businesses to serve the diverse population.


WeHo is now one of Los Angeles’ most demanding hotspots for office development. Recently, more than 650,000 SF of new commercial real estate has been constructed throughout various WeHo neighborhoods, like the trendy Fairfax District. Over the past decade, tech startups have begun to occupy revamped office space in West Hollywood, like the former Playboy Enterprise HQ. This small but energetic city is home to innovative industries and skilled professionals. Entrepreneurs in retail, tourism and nightlife, restaurants, entertainment and media, art and design, music, and tech, are drawn to WeHo’s creative workforce and quality of life. The demand for office space in West Hollywood is increasing as creatives are moving in seeking a versatile environment to work in. Some notable tech companies that utilize office space in West Hollywood are buzzing social media platforms Tinder and Grindr, visual development firm Magnopus, eCommerce platform NuORDER, interior design firm Laurel & Wolf, and digital publisher SpinMedia.


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