Where to list office space for rent

Where to list office space for rent

Published At: Wed, 02/17/2021 - 08:17

Where to list available office space for rent? This is the question that might be bothering you if you have an office space to rent out. Setting up an office space for rent is not the easiest task: the process of understanding your space usage, zoning restrictions, and renovating/customizing it can be a real struggle if your efforts do not pay off.

Let's dive into the details of finding the perfect place to list your freshly prepared office, referring both to traditional and integrated marketing!

Traditional marketing

No-one has canceled traditional marketing, which is any type of marketing that is not online. From radio to newspapers, this way of marketing is still relevant and widespread with the listing purposes. If done correctly, it can be highly effective!


Who hasn't seen at least one listing of space for rent while watching TV? Here is the standard image: you come back tired from work, turn on the TV while eating dinner, and stumble upon a random listing during the commercials of your series. The probability of renting that very place is low since you didn't search for the listing intentionally and accidentally came across it. It might work if the product was a necessity and you suddenly realized that you, indeed, need it. Now, imagine your potential customers in your shoes: would they rent your office space right after seeing your advertisement on TV? Maybe yes, maybe not, but be aware that this option might work if you have a few listings. In the case of many, you might end up overwhelming your audience or not have enough resources to advertise them all. Finally, let's not forget that traditional TV channels are losing popularity, giving their place to streaming channels like Netflix.


In case of promoting your office space for rent on the radio, again, you might face the issue of not having the resources to advertise a few locations at a time. It might work perfectly if you decide to focus on one listing only and make the best of it. Nevertheless, let's not forget that radio touches upon only our hearing, and potential buyers do not see any visual representation of what your space looks like.


If you are thinking of where to list office space for rent, one of the most strategic ways is to use billboards as they are constantly visible and are usually placed in crowded places; hence many people see them. But, if you are not using an interactive screen and instead use a billboard that is fixed, you are again facing the problem of not being able to advertise multiple availabilities at the same time. 


One of the oldest ways to promote the listing of office space for rent is through a newspaper or classifieds. Even though this way is still relevant, we all know that its popularity has declined drastically over the past decade as the number of newspaper readers continues to decrease and content is driven online. 

Integrated marketing

After reading this subtitle, you might be wondering how integrated marketing differs from the traditional one. As the name might suggest itself (or not), it involves the traditional means of advertisement plus the enormous online platform that we have nowadays.

Social media

According to Oberlo, there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, so if you don't include social media in your listing advertisement campaigns, you might be missing a large audience. Not only ordinary posts but also especially targeted posts through Ads Manager are at their pick: what can compare to setting up your post in a way that targets people who are actually searching for an office space for rent? Social media channels give a broader opportunity to post your listings: they are easy to update, track and analyze. 

Listing websites

Probably, one of the best places to list office space for rent are thematic websites. Companies like My Perfect Workplace enable you to post your listings, accompanied by all possible textual and visual content you can think of. Having potential customers scroll through numerous listings, play with their map, and compare the features of each office space for rent raises the possibility that that person will end up making the deal.  What is even better, in this case, you do not have a limitation regarding the number of listings that you want to post at a time. If you choose the package that feeds your needs and budget, you can create multiple listings simultaneously, using your time both effectively and efficiently. 

Let us know if you found it useful, and don't forget to share where you prefer to post your listings if you do so.

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