Where to post office space for rent?

Where to post office space for rent?

Published At: Tue, 04/06/2021 - 21:51

If you have ever Googled "where to post office space for rent" and desperately looked through dozens of search results but still unable to determine which is the best one, or if you can't find any good platforms with options to add detailed descriptions, you reached the right place. We know that this can be acperplexing process, so we have some tips to assist!


To start, incorporate these considerations in your initial research phase:

  • Check free search results first․
  • Pay attention to website copyright and when it was last updated.
  • Contact the company for more information on how to create a post, manage leads, price policies, etc. 
  • Compare rent rates of similar listings in the same area to make sure you’re competitive.


Before choosing which platforms to advertise your office space for rent, you should define what kind of businesses are appropriate for your location and who your target audience is. Deciding on these will make it easier to choose the right platform where you can create your listing. 


Below, find the common types of offices for rent that are in high demand in the market. 

"Coworking" office spaces

This type of office space is usually a large or open area and can be shared by more than one business. If your available office space has a layout like this, it's better to target small or growing companies, which often have tight budgets for monthly office rent and therefore, are likely to share it with others. 


This type of office space can be beneficial both for you and renters. Usually, you can generate a higher income if your rentroll has multiple renters compared to giving the whole area to just one tenant. However, there is the disadvantage of having to take into account your landlord responsibilities for several tenants at once. Make sure you have the resources or staff to dedicate to manage tenants and office leases. 


"Sublease" office spaces

If you have the space, there’s an opportunity to sublease available or unused portions of your office space. This means that you can offer it for rent to smaller companies and possibly for short-term or until your lease is up. Of course, this is a gamble considering that you are still ultimately responsible for the portions of the office that you rented out. You are also responsible for vetting applicants and confirming yourself that they are dependable and responsible renters. 


On the other hand, this can be a temporary solution for generating income on your office space, as the demand for short-term leases is higher than for long-term ones. Many businesses, especially startups, don’t have the resources to sign conventional leasing contracts that wheel them in for long terms. Times are tough, and subleasing an office space can be the right office renting option for many. 


"Tenant-Occupied" office space

This option is excellent for businesses who want completely private offices for their companies. Usually, those are companies who are more confident in the long-term stability of their operations and are willing to have long-term contracts with relatively higher rents to occupy office suites in full. 


Those kinds of clients are the best choice for you as a landlord. You will have less hassle when organizing all the renting procedures and will generate stable income. To catch such companies' attention, you should find highly reliable platforms with high authority and popularity among business owners. 


Here it's worth mentioning that not all office renting websites are free to use. Some of them charge you after a limited number of listings that you can post for free or charge monthly subscriptions to advertise your listing. These are usually websites with high traffic and good rankings in search results, so if you want to go far and become noticeable to potential renters, consider this cost. There is also one important thing to add - some of these websites with high rank and good search capabilities are restricted for real estate agent use.


How to post on Myperfectworkplace: A guide

You might consider My Perfect Workplace to be a good platform for posting an office space for rent. Regardless of which office type you have available for rent, you are able to include all necessary information to create an office listing. The website is designed to be user-centric to meet all the renters' and landlords' requirements. With friendly UX, this platform makes it simple to advertise your office space for rent. Even considering the Pandemic and its adverse circumstances on the market, My Perfect Workplace still has thousands of users every day trying to find their perfect office space. 


There are a few steps to register on the platform and post an office listing. 


If you don't have a Myperfectworkplace account, follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Browse the website and sign in or create an account if you don't have one. Choose your location.

Step 2. Select your Listing Type and Lease Type 

Step 3. Fill in all the details and information about your office space. This includes your complete business address, your contact information, any specific details about the property and available office space, and any more information users might need to know about your business and location.

Step 4. Upload images of the property and office space. Try to use pictures that best highlight the advantages of your space. It's highly encouraged to use more than one photo. 

Step 5. Preview your listing, make edits if needed, and post. Wait until you get a confirmation. 


The impact of Covid-19 on the office rental market

The main consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the office rental market is the extensive shift to remote working. Of course, remote working is the safest alternative for many companies and industries. What’s more, as COVID-19 has severely impacted many industries' incomes and demand, office rent has become one of the expenses that companies choose to adjust or eliminate altogether.


Will companies shift back to office work, or will remote working dominate in the future? That's a question both landlords and company managers try to figure out. From one perspective, some companies or specific industries who need special working environments are not able to participate in remote working. For others, remote working is an excellent and efficient option if organized properly that can save a business lots of money.


However, humans are social creatures. While many people found convenience in being able to stay home, it seems that social attitudes have shifted since the start of many lockdowns. For many, socializing and having resources like meeting rooms, copy rooms, and onsite IT are essential for efficiency and productivity. Therefore, even though we are expecting more changes or possibly declines in the market, don't be discouraged and advertise your office space for rent right now. 


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