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As the capital of Washington state and the cultural center of the Puget Sound, you can imagine that office space for rent Olympia, WA is in high demand. With the cost of living in Seattle and Tacoma skyrocketing, Olympia is a more affordable option for Washington locals and for small businesses. Are you wanting the environment and culture of the state of Washington, but need something more affordable? Office space in Olympia is a great option for you.  


This city is full of history and culture. The Budd Inlet, which is the main body of water that splits Olympia in half, was a hotspot for Native Americans. Olympia was home to the Lushootseed-speaking peoples long before any European settlers came. In fact, the natives of this land call the city “Cheet woot” meaning “place of the bear.” This city is proud of its Native American roots and it shows in the rich cultural attractions throughout the city.  


Commercial real estate Olympia is in high demand as it is known for its thriving small business scene. Small businesses come to Olympia to grow their businesses and prepare themselves for moving to larger, more expensive cities like Tacoma or Seattle. Olympia, WA is also a great place for start-ups and small businesses because of the state government benefits. Education and healthcare in Olympia are also excellent thanks to the state government benefits.  


Nearby Amenities for Commercial Real Estate Olympia WA  

Commercial real estate Olympia, WA, like our listing on 400 Union Avenue, is concentrated in the heart of the city. Historic downtown Olympia provides residents and tourists with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Puget Sound offers amazing views, fantastic seafood, and many outdoor activities like boating, hiking, and canoeing. Located right off the Budd Inlet, there are several types of office space for rent. Need retail space for rent? Or maybe a high-rise executive suite? Downtown Olympia has you covered.  


Nature is at the center of this city and is near just about any office space for rent. With 40 public parks and saltwater beaches, Olympia, WA is an ideal location for an outdoorsy, nature lover. Mild winters and pleasant summers make this city a hidden gem for your next office space. Should you choose to make Olympia, WA your next commercial real estate site, the Olympia Brewery will be nearby along with the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and access to I-5 and freeway 101. Enjoy the many amenities this city has to offer!  


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Olympia Office Space at 400 Union Avenue SE
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Only one block away from the State Capitol Campus, this Olympia office space is sure to catch your eye. With meticulously manicured landscaping, Union 400 brings the natural beauty of Washington to your office space. As…


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