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Gardena, CA sits in the heart of the South Bay in southwest Los Angeles. Known as an “inland city,” Gardena is bordered by Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and Carson. Gardena is an excellent location to secure office space for rent. Once thriving in the berry-growing industry of southern California, the city’s sentiment of success persists today with offering an array of Gardena commercial real estate. With an official city motto of, “City of Opportunity,” Gardena provides a vibrant atmosphere for residents and businesses to thrive and quality serviced offices. As one of the most culturally, economically and ethnically diverse communities in the state, Gardena seamlessly blends the synergy of history, culture, and progress. The 5.9 square miles that makeup Gardena is host to a population of roughly 59,000 people and some of the biggest names in the region’s specialized industries occupy office space for rent. Key industries that occupy executive suites in Gardena are global telecommunications, media production, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, international trade, and tech. The weather, quality of life, and thriving economic engine draw businesses so this Southland community. 


Gardena Office Space for Rent Is Unbeatable!

There’s more to this city than great Gardena office space for rent. A recipient of an “All-America City” award, Gardena is one of the most sought after communities to live and work. The family-oriented city offering a high quality of life is proven to be an attractive attribute in recent years. To provide supply for the demand, Gardena has continued its efforts in pushing for new residential developments with state-of-the-art residential housing, gated communities, and lush landscaping. The appeal of living in the Gardena has also drawn in top talent for local employers and businesses who occupy Gardena office space for rent.


Businesses take advantage of Gardena’s unique hometown atmosphere, reasonable start-up costs for business licenses, business support resources and the initiatives that are available in the city. As a highly urbanized city with over 95% of its land developed, major efforts in continuing to revitalize, rehabilitate and re-purpose existing structures is prevalent today. Roughly 956,120 square feet of Gardena office space for rent exists and is highly sought after. Within the same zip code, 41 commercial buildings service the demand for Gardena, CA commercial real estate. Notable businesses that occupy Gardena office space for rent include Digital Manga, Nissin Foods, Marukai Corporation and En Pointe Technologies. A wide selection of different types of Gardena commercial real estate allows tenants to pick a space that fits their needs. Class A buildings like Pacific Pointe provide a professional environment, though there is also a wide selection of creative offices, shared office space for rent, executive suites and conventional office space.


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Positioned at the center of easy transportation access, Gardena is also called the “Freeway City” because it is bordered by every major Los Angeles freeway such as the 405, 105, 710, 110, and 91 freeways. The Alameda Corridor Project also runs through Gardena, providing truck and rail access to the largest shipping ports in the country. Close proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, Port of San Pedro, and Downtown Los Angeles make Gardena the perfect city for businesses to join the ranks of the South Bay business hub. 

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Office Space for Rent, 879 W. 190th, Gardena, CA
Office Space for Rent, 879 W. 190th, Gardena Office Space for Rent, 879 W. 190th, Gardena

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An opportunity for serviced offices to rent in Gardena, CA has been made available for savvy businesses that are looking to establish a presence in the South Bay at the Pacific Pointe building!…


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