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Less than 2 miles from the beaches of sunny LA, Playa Vista, CA is positioned in West Los Angeles between Marina Del Rey and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Bordered also by Playa Del Rey, Westchester, and Culver-West, this booming area is collectively known as Silicon Beach and is home to creative Playa Vista office space for rent. Prior to the beginning of its development in 2002, the area consisted of vast wetlands until Howard Hughes turned the area into a place for aeronautical technology and planted the Hughes Aircraft Company headquarters. Hughes definitely established the sentiment for innovative and unique office space for rent. Today, Playa Vista is an apex of LA’s tech scene with contribution from a variety of sectors in tech, media, entertainment and other creative fields. As a result of a perfectly balanced community of residential, retail, recreation and unique office space for rent, Playa Vista has become one of the most innovative urban infill developments in the United States and an attractive city to secure office space for rent.

A Perfectly Planned Innovative Community

It all began in 1998 with former President Clinton’s selection of communities to be part of an initiative to advance technology in housing. What transcended was the start of a technologically advanced community of residential, retail, and Playa Vista office space for rent that would be completely connected via telecommunications and sophisticated broadband capabilities. Playa Vista serves as a reputable model for a “green community” by utilizing energy-saving systems, recycling and repurposing efforts, and design techniques. Together, these resources continue to promote conservation, energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impacts that developments cause. Urban planners around the globe continue to observe the ongoing “LA Urban Model” of innovative sustainable policies in Playa Vista. As a very walkable community, residents and tenants of Playa Vista office space for rent enjoy a city-wide electric tram, two bus lines, a network of shuttles, and an accessible system of bikeways. With an impressive mix of affordable and luxury housing, open and recreational spaces, and commercial space for rent in Silicon Beach, Playa Vista is a highly sought after location to live, work, and play!

Why Lease a Playa Vista Office Space?

Today, roughly 15,000 people live and work in Playa Vista. Another 5,000 or so are also expected to make their way within the next few years. The dense concentration of tech companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube have paved the way for smaller business and startups in the creative tech sector to make a presence. It’s no wonder that Playa Vista office space for rent highly sought after. Office space for lease in Playa Vista is more than just a workspace. The lifestyle that comes with the creative office concept draws in top talent and entrepreneurial enterprises. Notable businesses that occupy office space for rent in Playa Vista are Microsoft, Belkin, Ogilvy, and Electronic Arts to name a few. Even educational establishments like USC selected Playa Vista as the location for its Institute for Creative Technologies. The lifestyle destination that is a 200,000 SF shopping center, apartments, and office space for rent at The Runway also contributes to the appeal. Office campuses like The Campus and Playa Jefferson offer premier creative office space for rent with incredible work amenities.


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Creative Office for Rent, 12777 W. Jefferson, Playa Vista
Office Rental at 12777 W. Jefferson Blvd, Playa Vista Office Rental at 12777 W. Jefferson Blvd, Playa Vista

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